Posted by: stephilepsy | April 19, 2011

I Love Doctors! Love ‘Em!

Thought you might appreciate this,

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this recent medical controversy. Basically, questions have been raised as to whether sports players, especially those in contact sports playing in “the big leagues” as it were, go on to suffer some sort of degenerative neurological disease as a result of the multiple head injuries sustained on the field or in the boxing ring. At one point, the question was raised as to whether Lou Gehrig might have had this (CTE) and not ALS.

A couple of months ago, Dave Duerson, a former player (don’t ask me what position — how the hell would I know?) shoots himself in the heart and requests that his brain go to whichever fancy-pants brain pathology lab in Boston that is officially looking into this (they can only officially dx you with this shit fer sure once you’re dead, see). Anyway, Duerson had been of some panel for the NFL, trying to figure out which living people who claimed to be experiencing neurological symptoms were entitled to money and who weren’t, and, more familiar with the suspected syndrome than most, must have thought he may have had it as well. Whether he did or didn’t, very sad nonethless.

So I’m reading the readers’ comments on the NY Times websites, and there’s one from a guy called “Asshole Neurologist”. He says he just completed a study of patients with CTE (despite the fact it is commonly accepted that it cannot be diagnosed until after death) and that CTE is not degenerative (he cites no basis for this claim) and that depression killed Duerson.

I decide not to let this pass and post (like twenty comments later) that: 1.) it’s totally unprofessional of him to diagnose a patient he’s never spoken to and whose records he’s never accessed; 2.) neurological damage needn’t be progessive in order to be serious — frontal lobe damage could have made Duerson emotionally unstable AND more impulsive (perhaps even leading to suicide); and 3.) patients are more than pretty pictures on lightboxes. I also left a link to my blog, as I am wont to do.

I gather he/she/it read it and didn’t like either my comment or my blog. When I checked on my site stats this morning, someone had found my site using the search terms “glutton for attention monologues”. Ha ha. Sometimes people say/type/search things and it just cuts you, cuts you deep, you know? Like when I was 11 and my sister called me a foofy. Don’t ask me what that means; I still haven’t a fucking clue.

Anyway, so in addition to being a lousy doctor, he/she/it is super passive aggressive with anger management issues. I hope it’s a man so we can get married and then not have any children so that I will have done my bit for humanity! Yay!

Seriously, dude. Go pick on your own invalids. I have my period and will kill for sport.


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